• Goal

Trueways Enterprises Ltd is guided by the fact that the customer is king and seeks to undertake production of quality food products and other value added products with diligence, efficiently in the most cost effective manner.

  • Our Objectives:-
  1. To supply demand driven quality honey and other food products to customers.
  2. To be creative and innovative in our business operations that seeks to understand that the customer is king.
  3. Uphold Professionalism and excellence in performance as a key business driver by consistently offering quality products and services to our customers.
  4. Conduct business with integrity and in a friendly manner.
  •  Our future strategies:-

Trueways Enterprises is embarking on a value addition project on honey by products such as;

  1. Beeswax which has over 120 industrial uses including  cosmetics, soaps, preserving leather and wood, candles, ointments, batiks, shoe polish and foundation sheets for Langstroth hives.
  2. Concerted efforts in collecting Propolis a black and sticky resin that bees collect from plants for export. Its uses are as an antibiotic, in preparations to treat some skin diseases and as a medicine for throat and chest when chewed.
  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility:-

Trueways Enterprises Ltd Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component is founded on a Trust Foundation in memory of a breast cancer victim. Since inception TRUEWAYS ENTERPRISES has endeavoured to create employment with one of the employees being recalled from retirement I order to oversee the production process. As we expand we will continue creating employment opportunities for women, youth and men.
Being a capacity building program the CSR component;

  1. Will equip beekeepers and the general community with skills and knowledge on how best to manage their apiaries for increased production. This training of beekeepers will lead to improved apiculture skills and management.
  2. Facilitate linkages to improved beekeeping extension services and beekeeping equipment.
  3. Equip the beekeepers with entrepreneurial, business skills and life skills in order to increase their incomes through proper harvesting and refining processes.
  4. Conduct capacity building on issues of quality standards at all levels of handling honey and honey products.
  5. We will strive to increase awareness creation amongst the communities on health in aspects such as HIV and AIDS, good nutrition, and other diseases.

The Business Values

TRUEWAYS ENTERPRISES LTD business model is founded on four pillars as outlined below:

a. Business Integrity and Ethics

TRUEWAYS ENTERPRISES LTD seeks to do ethical business with integrity.

Read more: www.unashamedlyethical.com.

b.  Kingdom Business Principles

TRUEWAYS ENTERPRISES LTD is to provide business leadership founded on the kingdom of God’s principles. A new era has dawned for TRUEWAYS Enterprises Ltd. to seek and have dominion in food products especially honey and honey related value added products.

Read more: www.kingdombusiness.or.ke

c. Professionalism

TRUEWAYS ENTERPRISES LTD is run by a team of professionals specialized in Business Management, Marketing, Accounting and Food Technology. This facilitates the end product to be of the highest quality based on business ethics and etiquette with the requisite advice and consultation.

d.  Personalized Customer Care

We seek to understand what the needs of the customer are and therefore create and develop quality honey products and other food products.

Long term Strategies

  1. Expand the business into the regional and international exports market.
  2. Expand into other honey related value added by-products such hair products and cosmetics using bees wax.
  3. To expand into the dried fruits production for export.
  4. To be ISO 22000 and ISO 9000:2005 certified.

Client base

The company’s client base includes individuals and retail distribution networks such as supermarket chains. Other retail networks will include hotels, hospitals and schools.


TRUEWAYS ENTERPRISES LTD is committed to satisfying the customer through exceptional quality food products. The experience will facilitate the needs of the customers leading to greater market advantage for increased profit maximization.

Corporate Social Responsibility

 has a clear and focused Corporate Social Responsibility. This is founded on a Trust Foundation in memory of a breast cancer victim. Its activities include research and capacity building on sustainable development. It further facilitates a health clinic, education on quality standards and entrepreneurial skill component to the communities that are involved in bee keeping and supply the honey.