Trueways Enterprises Ltd runs Corporate social responsibility programs to solve a need in the society that affects our target groups productivity. We have been providing sanitary pads to young girls in various schools, to enable them enjoy learning like other children.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component is founded on a Trust Foundation in memory of a breast cancer victims. Since inception Trueways Enterprises Ltd has endeavored to create employment with one of the employees being recalled from retirement in order to oversee the production process. As we expand we will continue creating employment opportunities for women, youth and men.

Being a capacity building program the CSR component;

  1. Will equip beekeepers and the general community with skills and knowledge on how best to manage their apiaries for increased production. This training of beekeepers will lead to improved apiculture skills and management.
  2. Facilitate linkages to improved beekeeping extension services and beekeeping equipment.
  3. Equip the beekeepers with entrepreneurial, business skills and life skills in order to increase their incomes through proper harvesting and refining processes.
  4. Conduct capacity building on issues of quality standards at all levels of handling honey and honey products.
  5. We will strive to increase awareness creation amongst the communities on health in aspects such as HIV and AIDS, good nutrition, and other diseases.